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  • Jonathan McDonald

Our First VLOG is on YOUTUBE!

I'm am very happy to announce that finally, our first TRUMP VLOG is up and running! There will be more videos to come in the near future so check back here soon. We are going to film the second episode in a couple of days and we promise you it will be EPIC! No we need to make sure the word gets out there so please tell anyone who you think might be interested!

This vlog will be unique as it is a good way to learn about Japan in an entertaining format! Any comments are greatly appreciated. Its early days yet, so lots of teething problems and room for improvement. But we are at the beginning of the journey so you can expect bigger and better things in the near future! You can check it out on the 'Acting' page on this website, or directly on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTURpBPTTfA